• Snow Performance Stage 3 Diesel Controller

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    Snow Performance has combined performance, quality, and ease of installation in this new water-methanol injection kit designed for all turbo diesel pusher RV owners who demand colder EGTs while towing heavy loads. The Diesel Stage 3 Boost Cooler utilizes a 2D mapped controller that commands injection based on boost pressure and EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures) to maintain extremely cold air inlet temperatures, 100-300 EGT decreases, decreased emissions, cleaner engine components, and increased fuel economy all while giving 65+ HP to help pull large hills with easy effort while towing. A must have for the RV enthusiast that is concerned about the longevity of his truck that sees heavy towing. None invasive, the Diesel Stage 3 Boost Cooler controller is designed to mount on the steering column or the dash so no drilling/marring of the interior needs to take place or additional gauge pods need to be purchased. Functions as a boost gauge, water-meth controller and EGT monitor all in one! Comes with 40' harness for easy install on rear motor applications and 7 Gal Tank for trip ready installation. Recommended for all diesel RV pushers seeking a plug and play water-methanol solution.

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