• Kong Performance Dual Pass Billet Lid

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    The Kong Billet Dual Pass Lid introduces the next level of cooling and efficiency to any LSA 1900, LS9 2300, LSA KONG 2650, or LS9 KONG 2650 Supercharger unit. 

    Initial Testing Vehicle: 850rwhp CTSV KONG LSA 2650

    On a mild 850rwhp LSA 2650 setup, a 28+ degree drop in temperatures and 25rwhp gain was observed on a single dyno pull in back to back testing vs. an OEM ZL1 Lid. This preliminary test data is indicative of much larger gains on more aggressive setups.

    Durability: LSA/LS9 Intercoolers are known to have durability issues at high boost levels with pin holes and fins commonly failing. Our heavy duty core is nearly 3X the size and will handle any amount of boost/heat that the 1900, 2300, or 2650 is capable of producing.

    HIGH FLOW:  High water flow end tanks with barbed (2) 3/4" Inlets and (2) 3/4" outlets.

    ***WILL NOT WORK WITH THE FACTORY LSA FUEL RAIL*** (Fore or Radium Rails Recommended)

    ***IAT sensor extension included

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