• NA LS3 Aluminum Engine Covers Raw Roto-fab

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    Roto-fab NA LS3 engine covers have become our most popular covers for LS3 engine swap customers. They are designed to maximize clearance between the covers and engine components such as coils and fuel lines.

    They stand about 5/8 inch taller at the fuel rail area in comparison to our other LS covers allowing for a 90 degree fuel line fitting to clear the cover when coupled to the stock fuel rail inlet. In addition to clearance, the covers will give your engine a slightly higher, bolder appearance in the engine bay which may be desirable for some. The engine covers have front end caps which are flat across the bottom and extend nearly the full width of the cover.

    The covers are compatible with the Roto-fab LS3 plenum cover as well as our billet oil cap. Our plenum cover installs in minutes without removing the fuel rail or intake bolts. Our billet oil cap stands about .200 inch taller than a stock LS3 oil cap for a better appearance with the engine covers.

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